Take Action!

We are often asked "but what can I do...." about the state of our race and nation. It can seem that our cause is utterly defeated, but take heart. We are not defeated while we remain in the field. Do not allow yourself to become demoralised. That is what the enemy counts on.

One thing that everyone can do is to write to newspapers about the issues which concerns them. Our views are far more prevalent than the controlled media let on. They know this, and have to be made to acknowledge them. We have a voice, we must use it, and we must be heard. Our people will therefore see that they are not alone. Hopefully they will then take heart, and become active themselves.

On this page we will add the text of letters sent to the media, be it at national or local level.

If anyone would like to forward these letters to us, we will add them here (omitting your name and address if you wish). Other nationalists can then use them as templates for their own efforts.

Our first letter in this section was published regarding the Mau Mau compensation outrage. It is an excellent example of what I have referred to above. It explains the facts and it shows ordinary Britons that the Mau Mau compensation case was not justified.

Dear Sir,

The Mau Mau were a terrorist organisation composed not of ordinary human beings fighting for a cause but of primitive beasts who had forsaken all moral codes in order to subjugate the Kikuyu tribe and massacre the European population of the colony.

Atrocities include:

a) The Lari massacre;
b) Decapitation and general mutilation of victims;
c) Bodies bound up in a sack and dropped in wells;
d) Torture before murder;
e) Exhumation of bodies and eating the putrified flesh;
f) Drinking of human blood - (ex chief Luka's child was cut in half, its blood drunk, and the two halves of the body were flung at the mother, who was then killed);
g) Death by hanging;
h) Pregnant women split open along the stomach;
i) Victims held down while their heads are slowly sawn off with pangas;
j) Maiming of cattle by hamstringing;
k) Cutting off the ears of persons who have not taken the oath so as to identify them in future as Government loyalists;

To say nothing of the horrendous nature of the oaths administered. These and similar atrocities were perpetrated against people of all races in Kenya. There were victims on all sides and there should not be compensation for terrorists. Plus, this leaves us open for other possible claims in future.
In conclusion, our own servicemen who died at the hands of the Japanese in World War 2 have never been compensated.
Wars are evil and the pursuit of compensation merely opens up old wounds.The Mau Mau case is part of a much larger campaign to besmirch the achievements of the British in building the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. An Empire that was for all its faults, a remarkable force for good.

Yours Sincerely,
Milton Ellis

Below is a letter protesting about the brainwashing of British schoolchildren and the negative effects of multiculturalism.

Dear Madam,

Regarding your letter to parents dated the 20th of November 2013.

The United Nation’s “Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples” recognises the significance of a nation’s people and their inherent rights. Multiculturalism as you force on our children necessarily strips an indigenous people of their culture; and a meaningful cultural identity is a basic human need and right. What authority do internationalists like you have to deny such a human right. Indeed your actions effect an ethnic cleansing of the people of these islands.

In truth the only way to preserve cultural diversity is to maintain and respect national borders and the native people within.

Instead of blackmailing parents and brainwashing our children you should concentrate on teaching : Reading, Writing and Mathematics would be a good start.

Do the honourable thing Mrs Small and resign; this child cruelty must stop.

Yours faithfully,