14) Take Action 2

We have slowly built a decent list of good quality books and booklets over the last year or two. Sadly in the current economic climate, many of our friends and supporters are unable to afford to purchase them.

However, all is not lost - far from it. There is a way where they can help us to help them, and also to provide for the rest of the population too.

We would like to appeal to our friends to order our books, starting with The New Unhappy Lords (5th edition), Leopard Valley and Juma the Great, through their libraries. We are great believers in libraries for the purposes of education and entertainment. While in recent years it is fair to say that our libraries have been purchasing fewer books and more computer terminals, we still have an excellent library network in most places. Let us use it.

We would be very grateful for feedback on your experiences on this campaign.

Thank you.