Fiends & Their Friends Show Their Chutzpah

Mau Mau Beasts Claim Compensation!

by Colin Todd

In 1952 a State of Emergency was declared in the then British colony by the Government of Kenya. An African secret society known as Mau Mau largely based among the majority Kikuyu tribe, and whose aims included the removal of British rule and European settlers, had degenerated into the most violent sorts of barbarism, having begun by practicing black magic and the administration of blood oaths.

A London based "human rights law firm", Leigh, Day & Co. Solicitors, working in cahoots with the "Kenya Human Rights Commission" who in turn are acting on behalf of "The Mau Mau Veterans Association" issued a test claim on behalf of five "veterans" in London on 23 June, 2009, The solicitor Martyn Day, who has, naturally, applied for legal aid said, "This will be the first time the British government has had to account for its terrible, terrible deeds. This case is about justice for those individuals who had a terrible, terrible time. A number of them suffered from castration. Women suffered from horrendous sexual abuse. Many, many Mau Maus were beaten, tortured and killed. This case is about bringing all those issues before the British court and for a British judge to say, What we did was wrong."

Scotland Yard is to investigate claims that British officials, troops and settlers were responsible for a catalogue of atrocities during the Mau Mau reign of bloody terror in the then British colony of Kenya more than half a century ago.

No one would deny that some excesses were committed against Mau Mau prisoners, particularly at the Hola Camp. The excesses were overwhelmingly the work of native troops outraged by Mau Mau attocities aimed at them, their families and animals and frustrated by official refusal to sanction precisely the kind of treatment of which the British are now accused.

Apart from the obvious delight being taken by "the usual suspects" in yet another engineered opportunity to bash the tremendous achievements of the British and our Empire what an opportunity this is for White liberals and self-haters to revel in self-loathing and for Candour and its allies to expose them.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to engage in a broad-based campaign for truth in history based on a specific subject, place and time. To expose the realities of Mau Mau, the vileness of their blood oaths* and initiation ceremonies. To publicise the realities of their slaughter of white settlers and servicemen. To expose the torture and mass murder of tens of thousands of their fellow Africans, including black policemen, officials and trlbal chiefs and elders.

Kenya became independent by 1963 and although the Mau Mau was effectively crushed by the British and loyal African troops by 1959 (for which white Liberal Marxists hate themselves and us even more) the Mau Mau remained proscribed as as terrorist movement in Kenya until 2003! Its atrocities did not cease at independence but continue to be committed today although the organlsations latter-day successors are known as Mungiki **

* Candour reprinted the Mau Mau oaths in the Dec. 1997/ Jan. 1998 double issue. Please send £2.00 for a copy. I did not believe then that we had heard the last of Mau Mau or their supporters and apologists.

** Mungiki. Claim to have more than 1 million followers. God help Africal Much more on all this to follow in future issues of Candour.

This article originally appeared in Candour, Volume 73, Number 10 in July 2009.

Definition : "Chutzpah" is when a Jew who kills both his parents throws himself on the mercy of the courts on the grounds that he's an orphan.

Old Yiddish proverb

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