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The above is an extract from a debate held in Rhodesia in 1957. A.K. Chesterton and his colleague, Miss Greene, of the League of Empire Loyalists debate with the Capricorn Africa Society - lead by Colonel David Stirling, founder of the S.A.S.


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The above is a clip from the DVD "Father Coughlin In Action" which is now available for £8.00. Please see the bookshop  for more details.

The above clip is taken from our DVD "Vichy. The French Collaborationist Newsreels" which is now available. Please see the bookshop  for full details.

Here is John Beattie's radio broadcast of 6/1/13 where he speaks about the raid by Hampshire police on our editor, Colin Todd's home.

The above is a clip from our new DVD "Doug Christie in England".


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Here is a short clip from our latest DVD, England, Whose England?


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