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By Candour Webmaster, Jul 1 2020 06:06PM

"I was sad to hear of the death of Eddy Morrison. Despite being near contemporaries for some forty plus years our paths never crossed, and we never actually met. In the last letter I received from Eddy a few months ago, he seemed his usual self and full of fight and ideas. I hope Eddy has found his Valhalla.

Colin Todd"

An obituary for Eddy Morrison is here from Heritage and Destiny.

By Candour Webmaster, Apr 28 2020 05:05PM

While we having a rough time here in Britain during this virus crisis, things are much worse in "Zimbabwe". There are many of our folk left behind there without any chance of escape and with a freaction of the resources available to us,

If you can spare any funds, I am sure the folks at this charity would be most grateful though it is, of course, completely non-political.

Thank you.

Rob Black

By Candour Webmaster, Mar 11 2020 08:01PM

I have heard from Colin Todd, and unfortunately he is back in prison due to an unspecified break of his license.

Any donations would be welcome to purchase him a few books, etc. Please make these payable to 'Colin Todd' and send them to The A.K. Chesterton Trust, BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX.

Thank you.

Rob Black

By Candour Webmaster, Feb 21 2020 10:58PM

With Colin Todd out of commission for this year, I have decided that the publication of Candour must resume. It is now or never I fear.

With the help of a couple of Candour friends, I have a new issue (no. 872) in the pipeline.

All being well (famous last words) it will be posted out to our very patient subscribers in early March.

Rob Black

By Candour Webmaster, Jan 31 2020 07:00AM

In 1972, our founder, A.K. Chesterton, wrote this regarding the EEC:

It is a matter of honour for every Briton worthy of the name lawfully to resist subjection to the conquerors' rule and work without ceasing to get us out of the foreign cesspool"

It has taken almost 50 years, but today is the day in which we leave the EU.

This is a victory of ordinary people over the entire political and media establishment.

While we know the battle is far from over, today we should celebrate our victory.

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