• Jon Tyndall Memorial Meeting, Preston

    There was another successful and well organised John Tyndall memorial meeting in Preston last Friday, attended by Candour editor Colin Todd.

    A report is here.



  • 2017 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, Friday 6th October, Preston

    A message about this years meeting from Heritage and Destiny magazine.

    "This year’s (second) John Tyndall Memorial meeting is being organized by Heritage and Destiny magazine and will be held in Preston, Lancashire on Friday October 6th at 1pm. If you wish to attend please call our office number – 07833 677484 – for full details and directions to the venue (which will be in Preston City centre).

    Doors open at 12 noon and meeting will start at 1pm prompt. However, can you please aim to get to Preston for between 11.30am – 12 noon as we will have two re-direction points (one for those coming by car and the other for those using public transport) in operation and we want to get everybody to the meeting venue in plenty of time.

    There will be literature/merchandise tables from a number of different nationalist groups at the meeting. If you or your group would like a free merchandise table to sell your wares at the meeting please contact us ASAP as space is now very limited.

    We also need more raffle prizes, so if you have anything you can donate to the raffle (or auction) please let us know – or just bring it along on the day.

    There will be a buffet (including vegetarian); cash-bar; raffle (with some great prizes), auction and much more. So make sure you, your family and friends are free Friday October 6th and get yourselves over to Preston!

    Those of you are coming by train/coach, please book up well in advance, or else all the cheap seats will be gone. Likewise if you need overnight accommodation in Preston, book now to get the best deals (call our office for advice if need be). We understand that a number of meeting attendees are staying in nearby Blackpool this year, where there is a far greater choice of B&B and hotel accommodation, so you may want to bare that in mind. If you are flying in the nearest airports are Manchester and Liverpool, both have direct trains to Preston.

    There will be two socials – one on the evening of Thursday 5th for those arriving the day before – and one after the meeting has finished on the Friday evening. We have a great venue, which serves real ales and good food at very reasonable prices.

    If for whatever reason, you can’t attend the meeting, but would like to send a donation, to help with the meeting costs instead, that would be great. Please send cheques or postal/money orders (made payable to Heritage and Destiny) to – H&D 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE, or via PayPal to –

    Thank you all once again for your fantastic support and we look forward to seeing and meeting as many of you fellow-nationalists as possible in Preston on Friday October 6th."



  • Candour Special Bulletin - September 2017

    A Candour Special Bulletin has been printed and is being posted out to subscribers. This is not part of the normal Candour sequence, and it is free to subscribers.


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  • Common Market Suicide

    Our latest book is a greatly expanded second edition of "Common Market Suicide, in which the author, A.K. Chesterton, pleads with the British people to reject the Common Market in these Candour essays written between 1971 and 1973.

    “Never shall we allow it to be said that in the hour of treason there were no Britons to keep faith with the past or hand down a torch to the future.” Candour # 520, March 1972.

    The book is available in paperback from our on-line shop for £12 plus postage. A hardback version will follow.



  • Candour Update - August 2017

    Dear All,


    "If anything can go wrong it will".

    On the Eve I was going to print a Special Bulletin for all Candour subscribers and friends of The AK Chesterton Trust, the big old A3 printer died. Finito.

    So in order to print our Special Bulletin (and of course future issues of Candour, etc) with an Appeal for funds to help facilitate moving the archives and other stuff from Hampshire to the North- East of England we find our self here launching an URGENT APPEAL for funds to buy a new printer scanner in order to print that Appeal on paper for a mail-out. Is everyone following this thus far?

    Such are the joys of running The AK Chesterton Trust. As my predecessor Miss. Rosine de Bounevialle would often exclaim "ALWAYS BLOODY SOMETHING!"

    To recap:



    Please send what you can via PAYPAL, etc....


    As mentioned above, time is running down for the big move. Early October is most likely. For the move we have to pay for a covered truck. Three comrades from Newcastle (including the driver) have volunteered to bring the truck down and load up (I will be doing my share!) I think it fair that they should also receive some recompense for what will probably be a 4 day round trip around a weekend. So two days work sacrificed each. Such is the spirit of our people. They have asked for nothing.I am asking and will obviously be putting in big time to this. I do not have figures for the truck hire yet but will chase that up.

    There is much to be done to ensure that the thieves of the so-called St. George Educational Trust never prosper or benefit from their behaviour. Any financial help would be most appreciated.


    We recently published a new authorised fifth edition of this book by Candour and League of Empire Loyalists stalwart 'Jock' Creagh Scott. This is available in paperback (£12) and hardback (£19), and we've also had a T-Shirt made to advertise the book. This is available in our website shop for £12.00.


    The German patriot died on 6th August 2017. A full obituary will appear in the next issue of Candour.


    A picture of Alison and her supporters with her QC outside Westminster Magistrates Court is attached. Colin Todd is to the left of Alison. More info in next issue of Candour....


    Rob Black is working on a much enlarged second edition of this book by A.K. Chesterton. It should be ready towards the end of August. Please keep an eye on the website for news on this. .


    We also intend to publish a hardback edition of our recent 'Candour A.B.C. of Politics' by Rosine de Bounevialle.


    We had hoped to bring you a Candour Special Issue this month, but the printer problems are delaying this. Assuming we can resolve the issue, it will go out free to all subscribers. The next actual issue of Candour will be produced after our relocation to the north east. Hopefully this will be before Christmas.

    Best regards,

    Colin Todd

    The A.K. Chesterton Trust



  • Hidden Government T-Shirts

    We have a new item in our website shop.

    This is a well made T-Shirt featuring the cover of our latest book - Hidden Government. It is £12.00 plus postage, and is available in Medium, Large, XL, 2XL. Please let us know this when you place your order.



  • Joh Beattie under attack

    Our friend and ally John Beattie is under attack by the enemy over in Canada.

    John says "FRAUD PERFORMED BY ALL NEWS MEDIA AND canadian jew congress: one skinny kid played up to frighten the public into allowing " Hate Law ". There must be a criminal investigation."

    The story is here



  • The Candour Hour w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-24

    ** WARNING! WARNING! Children and/or women that are sensitive to brutal and all around gross material, should NOT listen to this broadcast. This show WILL leave you gasping. **

    On this episode of The Candour Hour, Shaun reads and comments about the Mau Mau Oaths. A truly terrifying look into the oaths taken by the Kikuyu tribes in Kenya.

    The link to this show on WTFR is here



  • Hidden Government - now available in hardback

    Our latest book is now available in hardback for £19.00.



  • Hidden Government by John Creagh Scott

    We have just published a fully authorised fifth edition of this classic book by one of the founding fathers of our movement.

    "The author of this book was a regular soldier who served with distinction in the South African War and in the First World War. When he retired from the Army due to wounds received on active service, he settled down in an English country village and began to study politics and economics. He wanted to know:

    —Why honest Tommy Atkins had been compelled to fight peaceful Boer farmers and enable an International Diamond Syndicate to gain control of the South African mines?

    —Why ten million men should have been slaughtered in the First World War (described as "a war to end wars") when the subsequent Peace Treaty so obviously sowed the seeds for a second and more terrible conflict?

    —Why the Banks of the world create money lavishly out of nothing to finance these wars and yet for peace, credit is immediately restricted?

    —Why when the Second World War came "to defend the rights of small nations" these small nations were sold by their allies into a slavery worse than death?

    Soon he came to realise what Disraeli had shown in one of his novels "that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

    In the early stages of his investigation he was bewildered and worried that great men whom he admired would make perhaps one brief reference continued on back to the "personages behind the scenes" and then forever hold their peace.

    For nearly twenty years, Lt.-Col. Creagh Scott has been following up clues left by prominent men, for he has become convinced, as was Field-Marshall Smuts, that "there is some hidden pressure behind all the worries of Europe, Asia and America."

    The results of this investigation are given here in simple language so that the man in the street may come to his own conclusions.

    Lest anyone should think that the title of the book suggests the realm of fiction let them ponder the words of the statesman Disraeli :—"Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand."

    The author shows how the hidden hand controls the governments of both Capitalist and Communist countries.

    "Jock" Creagh Scott was one of the founding members of our journal Candour, and the League of Empire Loyalists. Originally published in 1954, this is our 2017 fully authorised fifth edition."

    112 pages. £12.00 Paperback. [A hardback edition will follow]



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