• Brexit and the General Election

    We have been asked to circulate the following message regarding the General Election and Brexit:

    "Not sure if you have ever looked into election law, but the Libdems and Greens seem to have unlawful manifestos, as does any other party who want a second referendum with an option to stay in the EU. Technically political parties are unknown to the law, but those who stand in the name of a political party are acting in "joint enterprise". The leader of the Libdems Tim Farron has stated "lets be in the EU, forget the constitution", this alone means he is an unlawful candidate, only people who are "fit and proper to serve in parliament", can stand for election. It would be an offence for a returning officer to send him to serve in parliament, plus in the eyes of the law all votes cast for him have technically been "thrown".

    Plus it can not have escaped the notice of these parties, that we have had High Court and a Supreme Court judgments which have declared the "settled constitutional principles stretching back many centuries" that the Crown in Parliament is sovereign. Therefore all and every persons or individuals who are attempting to make the European Union sovereign, are "in contempt of court". Which is, "disregard, disrespect shown for, open flouting of the dignity, or the rules and pronouncements, of a body of established and recognized legal authority". Neither candidates to parliament, those returned to parliament, or those serving in parliament, have any rights of contempt of court, which is a crime. All and every vote given to an unlawful candidate, in the eyes of the law is null and void and has been thrown.

    The Libdem manifesto is asking the public if they want, by a future referendum, to abolish the Crown in parliament in favour of the EU, this is unlawful, as the court cases have now determined. It also an act of treason at common law. The Crown in Parliament, as the court cases have confirmed, is sovereign, it can not create any authority equal to or greater than it, it can not bind our successors, it can not exclude itself, it can not invite foreign rule over the realm. Any party manifesto which dupes the public to think it can is unlawful as are those who uphold it. Any returning officer who put forward an unlawful candidate is guilty of an offence, since by virtue of being unlawful, votes given have been thrown.

    This is the law of the land, and we need to get as many people as possible to complain to the electoral commission, for unlawful candidates to be "disqualified", to prevent the General election from turning into a farce. If they fail to act it would be the offence of misprision of treason and contempt of court on their part. They should also be made aware that the treaty of Union which formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain, as a fundamental condition, states that the UK has to be represented by "one and the same parliament" being the UK parliament, and any candidate to parliament who advocates the EU parliament represents the UK, is attempting to over throw an international treaty, which is a "crime against peace" under international law.

    Please pass this information on, and complain to the electoral commission as soon as possible."

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    • 1. Jun 3 2017 12:18AM by adamhiley

      these Traitors need to pay

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