• Colin Todd - An Update and An Apology.

    "On 31st December 2018, I was remanded in custody by a Portsmouth Magistrates Court. Yes, New Year's Eve.

    First day of 2019 in prison charged with 'Actual Bodily Harm' (further charges possible). I shall of course be pleading not guilty at my upcoming trial.

    At its base, I am accused of using "excessive force" to defend myself while "in fear of my life" against a man armed with a knife. Any more information will have to wait until after the trial. This is NOT in any way political and I am furious that my life is being further damaged by this. Believe me, a day wasted at 56 [Colin is 57 on 31st March] feels a lot worse than one wasted at 26.

    My most sincere apologies for misleading all of you with the "ill health" message on our website. This was only intended as a 'stop-gap'. Last year when we said the same, I had a double fracture of the pelvis. I do not want to be remembered as the "boy who cried wolf".

    I just hope to put all of this to one side as soon as possible and get back to the "real world" (God help me!)

    Thank you to all those of you who have remembered me in their prayers, and by cards and letters.

    Let's keep going folks.

    Colin Todd"

    [Another update will follow soon. Rob Black]


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