• Give Us Men

    This one is aimed at our disgusting members of paliament:

    "GOD, give us men! A time like this demands

    Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands;

    Men whom the lust of office does not kill;

    Men whom the spoils of office can not buy;

    Men who possess opinions and a will;

    Men who have honor; men who will not lie;

    Men who can stand before a demagogue

    And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!

    Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog

    In public duty, and in private thinking;

    For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,

    Their large professions and their little deeds,

    Mingle in selfish strife, lo! Freedom weeps,

    Wrong rules the land and waiting Justice sleeps"

    Josiah Gilbert Holland



  • Colin Todd with a comrade in London, 11th November 2018.



  • Remembrance Day

    We will remember them.

    1918 to 2018... 100 years of remembrance.



  • 100 years ago on this day, A.K. Chesterton won the Military Cross.

    100 years ago, on this day A.K. Chesterton, a second lieutenant serving with the London Regiment, won the Military Cross.

    A.K. had originally joined the army underage in 1915, and had served with the 5th South African Infantry in the hellish campaign in German East Africa. Invalided out in 1917 through malaria and dysentery, his parents told the army he was still only seventeen and secured his discharge. Despite this, he was still keen to serve and he persuaded his parents to send him to England to train as an officer.

    After duly training in Ireland, he arrived in France. His Military Cross was awarded during operations against the German fortifications of the Hindenberg Line.

    The citation reads:

    "For conspicuous gallantry during the attack on Peizieres September 18th, 1918. He led his platoon in a most determined manner and succeeded in reaching his final objective, despite having hostile machine-gun fire against him. During the operations east of Peizieres on September 19th, he organised bombing attack after bombing attack continually from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. against the enemy who were in Poplar trench. He personally led bombing parties and finally succeeded in capturing Poplar trench killing the machine-gun detachments that barred his way. During the whole of the period in question he displayed fine courage and set a splendid example to his men."

    In 1955, A.K. recorded some memories of the affair in Candour:

    "One of my last memories of the Western Front was the attainment of an objective - on the high ground beyond Epehy - which entailed our treading the final twenty yards or so without once touching the ground. The carpet was provided by the dead bodies of men of the German Alpine Corps. They were young who died, and we whose path was across them were also young. Too young not to have re-lived that grim progress, and others of a like mind, in many a nightmare for many and many a year."



  • Candour # 871 (August 2018)

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  • Candour # 871

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  • Free Tommy Robinson

    Whatever your view on Tommy Robinson, his arrest is a disgraceful attack on free speech and another step on the road to tyranny.

    Please sign the petition here.



  • The Candour Mailing List and the General Data Protection Regulation

    I am sure many of you are familiar with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

    While it almost certainly doesn't apply to us - consent was granted by your request to be included on the mailing list, and no personal information is retained apart from your e-mail address - we have decided that it is better to be safe than sorry.

    The existing mailing list database will be deleted and if you would like to receive our occasional e-mails. please reapply via the website.

    The only information we will retain is your e-mail address and we will not share this with anyone else. We comply with the GDPR privacy regulations.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    The A.K. Chesterton Trust


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