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AK's Portrait Part II

I was very fortunate to find in my files a photograph of the AK Chesterton portrait taken when the painting was new in 1973.

Compare with the picture of the painting as it is now in the previous blog and you can see that the past 50 years have taken their toll.

Let us together get it restored to its former glory.

2023 will see a lot of anniversaries for British racial nationalists. Fifty years since the death of AK and seventy since he founded Candour in 1953 with the financial backing of RK Jefferies. Almost unbelievably, to me, it will be thirty years since the death of my good comrade Ian Stuart the singer and songwriter. Also thirty years since Derek Beackon was elected as a BNP Councillor on the Isle of Dogs.

I know how behind I am with the latest issue of Candour #881 so will get on with that next.

Get involved and get behind Candour.

Donate. Try your hand at short articles to begin. Stock up on books from our range of titles for the Winter months. Above all do SOMETHING!

Colin Todd.

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