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Shield Wall & Easter Greetings

Slightly belated Easter Greetings but sincerely meant all the same.

The weather has been too beautiful to be hunched over a screen!

Recently I was in receipt of a cache of photos most of which I had forgotten about. (More of them will appear soon).

Some 30 years or so ago Miss Rosine de Bounevialle, Dougie P. and myself went from Forest House to Battle Hill to see a huge reenactment of the Battle of Hastings. It was lovely weather and the area around Senlac Hill forms a natural arena.

The sight of the shield wall forming opposite shall forever stay with me as will the cry from the vast crowd of OUT! OUT! OUT! as the Normans took the field below us. (The theatre of war!).

Soon afterwards we met many of the reenactors and I was cheeky enough to borrow a helmet and was then handed a shield. (I only saw the shield design when the photographs came back from the shop!) The helmet alone weighed at least 20lbs+ and the shield another 60lbs+.

A super day and one that Rosine enjoyed very much.

LATEST NEWS: Issue #880 is nearing completion with Part 4 0f East London Rights for Whites: Lost When Won But Proves It Can Be Done!

The serious work on the book has begun. Thus far the Honour Roll is 11 including 3 promises. I know you can do better than that kinsmen. (30 in the initial front line at least)

Join the Honour Roll now. This is fight back time.

Do you know how the shield wall really worked and could withstand the weight of horses and armoured men full frontal? Those who were not front line warriors, the women and children, would add any weight they could to the scrum. Yes a rugby scrum. Arms linked as one. The smallest toddler adding weight to its mothers legs. Now look at how they have changed us a people.

Reprint of AK Chesterton's Learned Elders and the BBC with additions is also in the works. The first reprint since 1961 and very timely. 100 years of lies.

We need donations to keep us going and growing. See our PayPal details

There is a lot going on and all I can do is ask for your support continued and new.

Colin Todd.

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