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There'll Always Be An England! April 23rd. Candour Update #12

Happy St. George's Day to all you stalwarts and men and women in the Shield Wall worldwide. Remember that the Anglo-Saxon Shield Wall was not only defensive. It was used to push back and then break the enemy.

We are still standing and the resistance builds. THEY WILL NEVER REPLACE US!

England, Whose England?

At the end of the 1980s when Griffin, Holland, Harrington and Co., under the control of Chief Mummy's Boy and State asset Roberto Fiore, finally destroyed the NF and shut down the 50 Pawsons Road HQ a huge amount of history including historic banners was thrown in skips by those who cared nothing for the sacrifice and effort of so many racial patriots. A Croydon local, seeing what was happening, saved and passed to me a reel of 16mm film in a battered blue round canister. It contained the only copy of a 20 minute or so film made by James McIntyre (of the NF) and the Monday Club of the Tory party. It was shown at many local meetings of nationalists in the 1970's when a heavy and expensive projector was still needed + a screen or large white wall! Anyway, I had the reel transferred first to VHS and later to DVD. That is the ONLY reason this piece of history survived. (For complicated reasons I was later to lose the original reel). Remember that many of the patriots seen in this footage are now dead. They fought. We continue their fight...

Fortunately the film is now available in several forms on Youtube. Google it.

Remember it was Candour, Colin Todd and the AK Chesterton Trust that preserved this history:


The latest issue, #886, is in the works and beginning with #887 we will publish Part 1 of a new 6 Part series TRAITOR'S GATE by Stephen Smith. Exploring the political treason of 3 UK Prime Ministers & 3 US Presidents.

Part 1: The False Boudicca - Margaret Thatcher

Also by Steve and coming soon in 3 Parts:

'THE RESERVED EXTROVERT'' examining the life of TE Lawrence ('Lawrence of Arabia') from a Nationalist perspective.

Recently I have travelled some and met up with Steve Smith and Derek Beackon to discuss the forthcoming East London Rights for Whites 1990-94 book. (I'll update when I can!). Both in fine fettle and Steve is now the Brit Dems media officer.

Photo left: Colin Todd, Heather, Bill Baillie meet up for a super Sunday roast lunch in a spot on London pub.

Bill is a veteran of the League of Empire Loyalists and Union Movement and you should subscribe to his first day of the month Blog at:

LET BRITAIN LIVE! Our recent reprint of the RADICAL 1983 National Front Election Manifesto has gone better than I could have hoped for. Going to get another 50 printed locally this week. BRITISH/PALESTINE friendship badge selling very well and still available from us. Refreshing to know that many fellow racial nationalists still understand. Each of the two just mentioned are available for just £5 each from the website shop or order by post and send cash, in the UK, to us at:


This is a great time to subscribe to Candour if you do not already do so.

Enjoy the day and don't let the bastards grind you down!

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2 comentários

24 de abr.

Keep up the good work Colin.


23 de abr.

Thank our Viking God for Colin Todd and his brave & tireless associates.

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