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We Will NOT Be Distracted

Be it 'Covid' or Ukraine we will not be distracted by the Blatant Bias Corporation who along with their fellow MSM lying journalists have been in overdrive with their warmongering frenzy against Russia.

Candour has no more time for an ex-KGB tough guy, Putin, than it does for the Jewish comedian Zelensky nominally in control of Ukraine. The whole 'conflict' is a manufactured nonsense by the usual suspects.

While our people are being murdered and maimed their only interest has ever been profit and power.

New Unhappy Lords.

Our interest is with our folk not the corrupt world of politicians.

We must concentrate our limited resources where we can. The BBC is increasingly vulnerable. Their decades long marxist liberal agenda is ever more obvious to those with eyes to see.

Support Candour.

Latest issue #879 was finally all mailed out last week.

Get Angry and Carry On!

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1 Comment

Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie
Mar 13, 2022

Mr Webmaster, your take on the Ukraine situation is spot on. Zelensky would not be in power without the CIA-organised coup of 2014 that deposed the elected government of Yanokovich. The one sided coverage of the mass media is only to be expected. Bill Baillie

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