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British Empire Day - 24 May

As I post this it is still, just, the 24th of May here in England.

A Candour subscriber reminded me a few hours ago of the significance of today's date which until then had slipped my mind. (Busy times).

Empire Day began in Ontario, Canada, becoming a national event in schools there in 1898.

In 1903 the Empire Day Movement was formed in Britain (See badge example shown).

From 1904 the late Queen Victoria's birthday, 24 May, was adopted as Empire Day in some schools. From 1907 many more schools joined in (Contrast the teachers of then with the toxic Liberal Marxist self-haters in control of the anti-education of our young folk now).

Following the two self-defeating Brothers Wars by 1958, as intended, the British Empire was exhausted. The Day was rebranded Commonwealth Day and since 1973 has been held on the 2nd Monday in March (Who cares?)

The mailout of Candour #880 has begun. Royal Mail are threatening another price hike just weeks after the last on April 1st. I can seriously see them doing it THREE times this year. They obviously heard that Colin Todd had sworn NOT to raise the subscription rates of Candour until 2023!

Please find the donation button at our website. And press it.

I hope you had a good Empire Day.

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1 Comment

May 27, 2022

Just now posted this very neat write-up by Colin Todd, on my John Beattie Facebook page. One has to have rquested " friend " to view.

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