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Empire Day May 24th 2024 Candour Update #13

Welcome to this update.

A little late but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day.

Empire Day began in Ontario, Canada, becoming a national event in schools there in 1898.

In 1903 the Empire Day Movement was formed in Britain.

From 1904 the late Queen Victoria's birthday, 24 May, was adopted as Empire day in some schools. From 1907 many more schools joined in.

After the two-self defeating, planned, Brothers Wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45 the British Empire was completely owned by alien money lenders.

That is the TRUE legacy of Winston Churchill.

By the 1950's the die was truly cast. Empire Day would become Commonwealth Day. The date was changed. To ? Who cares...

Most honest, tired and exhausted Britons world wide were always too deliberately distracted by nonsense to see the alien enemy at work among them.

Each Empire Day serves to remind us how far we have fallen into the thrall of the money lenders and their political puppets.

Many of our kin are too cowardly or mis-educated to resist.

That is perfectly obvious when it is a Tory char wallah announcing the date of the next General Election. July 4th I believe.

The reaction I have seen and heard thus far has been one of almost total apathy. Most of our folk know that there is no choice between the evil creatures posturing as British leaders.

There are fake nationalists out there whose 'bithineth' is to rake in cash with never ending appeals for hopeless electoral campaigns. Nick Gri££in's apprentices.

Naturally Candour will only support genuine racial nationalist candidates.

The British Democrats have announced that they will be putting forward a few candidates.

For more information:

More news soon.

Such events must used as training grounds for the future.

NEXT CANDOUR: #886 will be with the hard copy proofreader soon.


71 Years and growing again.

Our strength has always been that we are NOT followers of fashion and believers in fake 'unity'.

Donations: That you can do that in multiples of £10.00 at the Online Shop elsewhere on this site.

Enjoy what is left of Empire Day wherever you are.

Bank Holiday Monday coming up in the UK.

Colin Todd.

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Mallificus Sentius
Mallificus Sentius
May 24

Indeed that was Churchill's legacy. Long Live Candour !!


May 24

As usual, another great editorial from Colin Todd.

May 26
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