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Remember Lawrence of Arabia & Candour News Update #10

It has been interesting over recent months to see who the fake 'British nationalists' are who have exposed themselves as supporters, stooges or paid suckups of the bloody enemy of mankind called Zionism.

As the wheat is sorted from the chaff now is the time to remind ourselves and others of some of the true background to the present bloodbath in Palestine. A story of heroism, sacrifice and British governmental treachery. (No changes there then!)

This Blog is not the place to go beyond the briefest comment about a truly great Briton. T. E. Lawrence. Known forever as "Lawrence of Arabia". (1888 - 1935). Stephen Smith, regular Candour contributor, is working now on a series of articles on Lawrence and Palestine for publication in our pages soon.

T.E. Lawrence, a junior British Army officer (but with linguistic and logistical skills) wanted action against the Turks occupying Palestine and Jerusalem in June 1916 but the British Government & War Office had little interest. However, courageously, the Arabs had already started to revolt.

In December 1916 soldiers (British/Australian), armoured cars, artillery, planes began to be shipped to Egypt. Lawrence was sent on his famous mission with the promise that, post-war, ALL Arabs would be free with their own states.

Obviously that was not to happen. The Balfour Declaration contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from Britain's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland announced the British Government's support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. The money lenders who were financing all sides in the First Brothers War had planted the seeds for the situation we now see today. Just as planned.


Let everyone know that you know the score...

BRITISH/PALESTINE support/friendship/solidarity badges now in stock in our Online Shop (Pictured above: they are smaller than shown and very neat at approx 1" across. Very smart metal and enamel with a pin & butterfly fastening. They are also a new FIVER offer via our postal address. Send a five pound note with your details for your own badge. UK only.

The Zionists and their controlled and owned media (MSM) and political puppets of ALL parties are taking a beating now. Fewer and fewer believe BBC lies by the day. Interesting times can make for strange allies and should be providing an education for all of us. Get along to pro Palestinian marches and demos. Watch and learn how big demos are organised. This is basic political education that is NOT happening in British racial nationalism nor has for decades.

Remember that the distance between us and an old fashioned white British socialist who understands the problem of Zionism is much closer than the unbridgeable chasm between us and a Tory Friend of Israel or the vile fakes mentioned at the top of this Blog.

I have done some tidying up of the Online Shop. The issues of Spearhead previously listed have now all gone to good homes. We now have some boxes of more (comparatively) recent Spearheads to list on behalf of the widow of a BNP member. Approx: between issues 200 -300. Great starters to a collection or fillers for gaps in your growing collection. We will be selling these for just £3.00 each plus Post & Packing. There are single copies of some and duplicates of others and I will list all available issues on paper only. If you would like a printed list, when it is ready, email us at: with your details to:

BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

Once your order is received via email and postage worked out you will be able to pay via PayPal, cheque or cash. I hope that is clear.


Via PayPal at DONATIONS in our Online Shop. It works in £10.00 multiples.

I should change one of our mastheads to "We have seen them come and seen them go" after we find ourselves in our 71st year of existence and gaining strength again.

You are not alone. There are many out there like us. Spring is coming. New life in the fields.


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Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie
Mar 22

Propaganda is not what it was. Despite the Zionist stranglehold on the mass media the marches throughout the UK in favour of the Palestinians were mostly made up of British people.


Feb 24

Optimism will carry the day. Thank you Colin Todd.

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