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Sir Redvers Buller, VC

Redvers Buller is probably best known today for his unsuccessful campaign in the Second Boer War. Nevertheless, he was very popular with the British public, thousands of whom provided funding for a statue of himto be erected in Exter in 1905.

Now of course we are told he was a "controversial figure, Buller has been accused of war crimes and rumours persist around him being behind introduction on concentration camps" and his statue is to be 'reviewed' by the local Labour council.

The statue was given Grade II listing preservation status in 1953 so any complete or partial removal or relocation would require widespread consultation with the public, and it would also require formal planning permission, along with permission from Historic England, for its removal.

Our history is being rewritten. Our culture is under intense attack. We cannot allow our enemy to operate unopposed.

Please sign this petition and write a formal letter of complaint to the leader of Exeter City Council, Councillor Phillip Bialyk at Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 1JN.

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