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1953 - 2023 CANDOUR: 70 YEARS STRONG

As of Monday 27th March the mailout of #883 worldwide was completed. I have to mention that Royal Mail postal rates will be rising significantly come April 3rd. If you are NOT yet a subscriber do so now at present rates. If you are a subscriber you can renew early at present rates and 10 issues will be added to your subscription.

Obviously subs will have to increase fairly soon but I will hold the present rates at least until after the next issue.

The HONOUR ROLL for our forthcoming book by Stephen Smith East London Rights for Whites 1990-1994 has another addition bringing the total of those donating £40.00 to a super seventeen. Let's make it 20 before the next issue of Candour. The Honour Roll donations all go towards the acquisition of agency photographs, research expenses and future promotion of the book.

In a great show of racial solidarity the latest addition is:

Mark Cotterill / Heritage & Destiny

Local Elections May 4th

The British Dems will be standing several candidates. More news in a Blog when I have a full list. I will blog more regularly!

Articles by new and old writers are always welcome. Give it a go! Short comments to begin if you are not so confident. It is between you and I.

Above all Be Everything They Don't Want Us To Be!

People do like the latest front page image. Look at it again and there are lovely little stories in there. A white people thing.

Stay Strong. Colin Todd.

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With great pleasure just posted #883 advert as here, onto my Facebook Page. Only accepted "Friends" admitted. John Beattie

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