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#879 Mailout 60% Done

To get Steve Smith's East London Rights for Whites 1990 - 94 series out in 4 parts we increased the page count of Candour from 12 to 16. This pushed us up a notch when it came to postage. (Donations appreciated. See our PayPal connection).

Part 4 is titled:

Lost When Won But Proves

It Can Be Done

and will appear as soon as I get the new office more organised.

For £40.00 add yourself to the Roll of Honour and be included at the beginning of the forthcoming Rights For Whites book. That donation includes being sent a copy of one of the first paperbacks off the press signed by the author Steve Smith and Derek Beackon the first, in 1993, elected BNP Councillor. (Both of whom are on the front page of Candour #879! (See photo).

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댓글 2개

2022년 3월 13일

Spectacular #879 received Friday with great joy and full satisfaction. Will certainly promote it on overdue Dinosaur News asap.😊


2022년 2월 24일

Dave Armstrong

Oklahoma, U.S.A. #879 received today, many thanks to Colin and all at Candour for your hard work.

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