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A brave new world

Boris Johnson's treaty with the EU is not ideal. Ulster is going to be a worry, and the betrayal of the fishing industry rankles. However, it is better then the 'Brexit-in-name-only' deal I was expecting. As many commentators in the media have said, the restrictions placed on us are “limited if addressed by a robust government.”

Tomorrow we are more or less fully independent again. This result seemed unbelievable ten years ago. There was no prospect of us leaving the EU then, and the hard core 'remain' fanatics fought tooth and nail since the referendum to keep us in our fetters.

They failed. They now face a mountain to drag us back in. A political party would have to be insane to wish to dredge up the divisions from the last five years. It would have to campaign to re-join the EU, win a general election with a hefty majority, commit to joining the Euro, and hold and win a referendum. This will take the EU fanatics many years - decades in fact, but the price of freedom is eternal vigilence. There is no doubt that there are those already plotting against us.

It is now now down to all of us to ensure that we do not re-join the EU and to hold government to account. Our fishing fleet must be built up, trade deals established with the rest of the world, we must diverge from EU regulations, immigration measures brought in, and we must reduce our dependence on the European Union. There is also the small matter of Covid, which will have long lasting economic consequences.

There is much to do, but tonight we can at least celebrate.

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