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A Happy St. George's Day

On this April 23rd, 2023.

St. George's Day seems to have come around again very quickly but I am sure I say that about everything these days.

Looking back on the 2022 St. George's Day blog I predicted that the Tory traitors' Rwanda Plan would come to nowt. (It was never meant to come to anything). Just the usual sabre rattling noises on immigration to keep the Home Counties and working classes kidding themselves that 'something' is being done by someone... when a glance tells them that the Conservatives are the most 'multi cult' rag bag of them all.

Was the genetic jumble sale Boris really PM this time last year? He was and urging on War War War... It all feeds the Military/Industrial Complex.

Speaking of which those with 'smart' phones can look forward to a national EMERGENCY ALERT alarm TEST call at 3pm today. What is that all about? Instilling fear of disaster at a moments notice? I do NOT have a 'smart' phone but for those who do here are a couple of messages or 'warnings' from GOV.UK

"The government does not need to know your phone number or location to send you an alert".

"You'll get alerts based on your current location - not where you live or work. You do not need to turn on location services to receive alerts".

NOTE the repeated "do not need". The State know where you are at all times. Carry a 'smart' phone and you may as well be micro chipped. (Try leaving it at home sometimes).

I am waiting on reports from people with 'smart' phones who are trying to switch off the alerts. Let me know what you think at Which leads on to...

Articles for Candour. Please give it a go if you have not already thought about writing.

Our circulation has more than DOUBLED since the last St. George's Day.

Donations. A special thank you to Dave Armstrong of Oklahoma in the US for his annual St. George's Day donation of £40.00. If you would like to join him in backing the efforts of Candour and The A.K. Chesterton Trust please read on. Also in the past couple of days S.J. Fairweather of Harrogate, England, has joined the Honour Roll in support of our work towards Steve Smith's forthcoming book East London Rights For Whites 1990-1994 which we shall be publishing to mark the 30th anniversary of Derek Beackon's historic election as a Councillor on the Isle of Dogs in 1993. (That brings the Honour Roll to 18! Make it 20 before the next issue of Candour by donating £40.00. Not only will your name appear in the book but you will be sent one of the first copies off the presses signed by both Steve Smith and Derek Beackon).

To donate you can use the PayPal at our Online Shop on the website. Please note that the donate button works in x £10 multiples.

Or you can send a cheque or Postal Order in the UK payable to Colin Todd at:

BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

There is a lot more we could go on about but best saved for another day. In the words of perhaps our greatest soldier Harry Smith:

"Remember You are an Englishman"

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Apr 25, 2023

CANDOUR is indeed fulfilling its mandate full steam ahead : " To serve as a link between Britons all over the world in protest against the surrender of their world heritage " .

Apr 25, 2023
Replying to

Indeed they are! And a belated Happy St. George's Day to you as well!


Apr 23, 2023

And a Happy St. George's Day to our valiant editor Colin Todd. Candour is growing!

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