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Candour News Update #14 Issue#886 Mail Out Done

Updated: Jun 27

Candour #886 was mailed out over the past week. Overseas first. Great feedback already incoming.

Among articles in this 16 page issue are:

The Balfour Declaration

Forward the Extremists! by A.K. Chesterton

Scotland's Hate Crime Laws by Stephen Smith

Britain's Armed Forces - Patriots NOT Wanted

The Men of Whitby by Stephen Smith

A Day at Highgate Cemetery by Colin Todd

I know that many racial nationalists are hugely underwhelmed by the British general election. Polling Day 4th July.

As veteran of the League of Empire Loyalists and Union Movement Bill Baillie ( said in a recent email to me "As the election campaign 'hots up' I can hardly contain my indifference. A pox on all of them!"

I heartily endorse that sentiment but must also remind you that, using an old English phrase, we still have a dog in the fight!

The British Democrats are putting up 4 candidates and they are:

Gary Butler - Maidstone and Malling

Christopher Bateman - Basildon and Billericay

Frank Calladine - Doncaster North

Lawrence Rustem - Faversham and Mid Kent

There is still a weekend and several days of campaigning to go. If you can help on the streets please use the link: or Telephone - 01509 447 478

If you cannot actively help on the streets please donate to assist with the campaign costs using the link:

Hard Copy Candour

I thoroughly recommend a new article on the Heritage & Destiny website from which I quote:

"Those who invest the time, money and effort to produce a hard-copy nationalist magazine, in this day and age, when almost everyone in the movement (especially the young - and the tight who in many cases are not so young), want everything online and/or for free, should not just be congratulated, but supported by those in our so-called movement."

See the full article at:

Coincidentally I have covered some of the same ground in the Editorial of #886.

East London Rights for Whites 1990 - 1994 Book

Now the latest issue, #886, is mailed out I will concentrate on the book until it is completed. More news when I have it. Thank you for your patience.

All delays are nothing to do with the author Steve Smith. They are down to me as Editor and Publisher Colin Todd.


Go to the Online Shop elsewhere on this site and the Donation Button works in multiples of £10.00.

Thank you for your loyal support and together let us continue to build the educated hardcore.

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