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A.K. Chesterton Trust Update #1

Left: One of the possible designs for two, different, new banners being prepared for the Heritage & Destiny Honour The Past - Conquer The Future meeting being held in Preston, Lancashire, on September 9th.

For more details visit:


I do hope that you make a determined effort to attend the meeting. I know how much work Mark Cotterill and others put into this annual event. (Meet real men and women racial nationalists in an 'autistic keyboard warrior' free zone).

The banners are free standing and roll up into their own base. Standing some 7' tall they should make a good backdrop for the Candour/A.K. Chesterton Trust stall at this meeting and others ahead. (Note: This banner and the other have been designed by Mallificus Scott, broadcaster, and a great Candour supporter whose grandfather was a founding supporter of both Candour and the League of Empire Loyalists. His grandad was Lieut. Colonel J. Creagh Scott D.S.O., O.B.E. and author of Hidden Government! That is a racial nationalist pedigree!

£25.00 has already been donated toward the £100.00 cost of the 2 different banners. Help us to raise the rest today.

Work on the East London Rights for Whites 1990-1994 book, which so many of you have financially supported, continues. (No publication date available as yet). We want to get this book right and when you remember that originally this began life as a proposed 'couple of pages' article for Candour I am sure you appreciate how it has grown. People from the area who were active at the time have come forward and are prepared to be interviewed. That means more time and travel on my part and transcripts to be typed and worked on. (It is not too late to join the Honour Roll. See earlier blogs).

A proper inquiry into the burning of the historic "crooked house"

At the time of writing the online petition has reached 96,322 signatures. If you have not heard the story please Google "Crooked House Burning" for some back story and then sign. While there maybe a perfectly innocent reason for the gutting by fire on the 5th August and next day bulldozing of this part of our history it needs to be heard openly.

Too often historic buildings that are in the way of spiv developers appear to conveniently catch alight. A very regular occurrence in the UK going back many decades. (In 1920-30's Britain business insurance arson was associated very much with one ethnic group). There is much speculation that the devastating and fatal fires in Hawaii which recently removed old, poorer, towns that were in the way of new 'developments' were not the result of the 'global warming' fiction but of those who forever place profit before people.

I am having some computer problems so this is proving an expensive month for Candour. My other laptop has to go in for 'surgery' tomorrow.

As ever your support and backing is very much appreciated.

At our Online Shop elsewhere on our website you will find the Donations button. This works in multiples of x £10.00.

This may be a digital age, God help us, but Candour exists on paper against the odds and we also maintain a real business postal address in London.

Candour, BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. You can send letters, cash, cheques, Postal Orders to us via there.

This too costs us hard cash. Another couple of hundred pounds a year.

Colin Todd.

Let me know if you will be in Preston.

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Aug 24, 2023

Their is an irony in our situation, Colin. I recall approaching you about purchasing a large quantity of A. K. Chesterton's book "New Unhappy Lords" for with I was willing & eager to pay substantially. My motivation being I wanted to enlighten others about the hidden "political forces" manipulating politics: only to then learn you were not accepting my business as a result of concealed influence from "hidden political forces" you appear entirely sworn to protected and observer "omerta|" about ! Seeing your claims about needing funds - perhaps you might have been better off selling out to the Warburgs, |Rockerfella's & trilateralists ! Obviously Dick Barcock & Ray Hill's mate Woodbridge & his puppet Thompson, don't r…

Aug 24, 2023
Replying to

Victor is a full load of crap.

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