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AK Chesterton M.C. May 1st 1899 - 16th August 1973

Arthur Kenneth Chesterton was born in Krugersdorp in South Africa on May 1st 1899. He died on Thursday, August 16th, 1973 a month after he was found to be suffering from terminal cancer. The above portrait was painted by Richard Walker during AK's final days.

I know it is late on May 1st but we shall always remember AK, and Rosine de Bounevialle and all of our racial patriots who have fought without bending the knee.

Give us the strength they had.

The Homage of the People

Bizarre does not begin to cover the Coronation of Charles III nonsense coming up next weekend.

The Archbishop of Canterbury during the mumbo jumbo ceremony will come out with the following:

I call upon all persons of goodwill in

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

and all the other Realms and the Territories

to make their homage, in heart and voice,

to their undoubted King, defender of all.


All who so desire, in the Abbey,

and elsewhere, say together:


I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty,

and to your heirs and successors according to law,

So help me God

Forget it.

Like many other Britons I shall find something more productive to do next weekend. My only loyalty is to my Race and Nation.

Colin Todd.

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May 01, 2023

Understood completely Colin: however, I personally have found my personal slogan put to work: " USE THE USER " has done wonders for me in the political arena as well. 😎

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