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AK Chesterton Trust & Candour News

After a run on our superb metal recasting of the original 'Bronze' League of Empire Loyalists badge we have a small supply available again.

Cast from an original which was awarded to Rosine de Bounevialle by AK personally.

Great quality and exact even to the safety clasp fastening. Racial nationalists who know their history understand the importance and true value of this badge. It shows that you know our roots.

This was the ONLY ever official LEL badge.

Visit our online store and order NOW!

Exclusive Good News: I have some sketches that were drawn with the idea of making a Candour badge that was never produced. From the 1950's they were obviously intended to be complimentary. A Candour sword to join the LEL shield. To see the sword design you only have to look at our website. Or better subscribe.

How would that look in silver for Candour people?

Let me know your thoughts as ever.

Colin Todd.


Any questions about anything email me, Colin Todd, at

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