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British Democrats & May 4th Local Elections in England

Over the past couple of years the British Democratic Party (BDP), also know as the British Democrats and the Brit Dems, has had a large and steady intake of experienced racial nationalists.

2023 has NOT seen a general call for local election candidates go out from the BDP leadership and some important areas have no local elections in 2023.

However there are five quality candidates standing in interesting Wards in England.

These Wards must be used for training and experience for future much expanded efforts. That and the involvement of new people who will be made to feel very welcome make this an exciting effort.

Jim Lewthwaite, Wyke Ward, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Chris Bateman, Laindon Park Ward, Basildon, Essex.

Julian Leppert, Paternoster Ward, Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest, Essex.

(Pictured here with Brit Dems Deputy Chairman Andrew Brons)

Dave Haslett, Saffron Ward, Leicester, Leicestershire.

Steve Smith, Kursaal Ward, Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

If you can drive or travel to get your feet on the ground to support, leafleting or canvassing in their Wards, any of the above candidates who are prepared to stand for racial nationalism in these perverted times do so. You can email me, Colin Todd at and I will put you in contact with the right people or go direct to the Brit Dems using the link on our website. (Good to car share where possible).

Remember. If you cannot be physically active because of distance or health you can perhaps help financially if your circumstances allow.

Candour #883, latest issue available in the Shop, has an excellent article by Steve Smith, candidate for Kursaal Ward in Southend (see above) titled The End of the Line For Twin Tracks on local election strategy.

CANDOUR next issue #884: Reports on the local elections and back to 16 pages?

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