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British Empire Day 24 May

The badge shown has the words ONE KING, ONE FLAG, ONE EMPIRE (sometimes such badges had the addition of ONE FLEET). This was the motto of the Empire Day Movement (see our blog this time last year).

Briefly. In 1898, Canadian Clemintina Trenholme introduced an Empire Day to Ontario schools, on the last school day before 24 May, Queen Victoria's birthday. (John Beattie of our friends at the British Peoples League which is based in Ontario tells me Victoria Day is still celebrated there. For BPL see our LINKS page). The idea began to spread through the Empire.

After the death of Queen Victoria on 22 January 1901 her birthday was celebrated from 1902 as Empire Day, though not officially recognised as an annual event until 1916, many schools across the Empire were celebrating it before then.

Empire Day was to was remain an important part of the calendar for more than fifty years celebrated by countless millions of children and adults alike. An opportunity by all classes to demonstrate pride in being part of the British Empire.

By the 1950's the British Empire was in serious decline. Exhausted and undermined after 'winning' two pointless World Wars which benefited only the usual parasitic suspects who profit from the military/industrial complex and regard the slaughter through their "bright dead alien eyes" as they always do and continue to do so about Ukraine. Yet another artificially engineered slaughterhouse that has nothing to do with Britons.

Empire Day became Commonwealth Day, the date was changed, and now our children, as were we, are taught that the British Empire's legacy is one of exploitation (it certainly was exploited, as were we Britons, by the 'usual suspects' who abused it and them) and that instead of quiet pride in past achievements as Britons we must only feel shame, guilt and responsibility for non-existent wrongs or the true crimes of those who govern in our name but in reality at the whim of others.

Enough of this...

Let us keep Empire Day in our hearts and raise a glass to the memory of all Britons worldwide. Past and Present. Cheers!

CANDOUR Subscriptions

I have been checking the dates and I have not raised the 10 issue cost of a subscription to Candour since 2016!

Royal Mail Postal rates have been hugely increased TWICE in just the past 12 months.

We have greatly built the number of subscribers over the past couple of years and that has helped cover the extra pages in Candour and mailing costs. There are those who donate who carry those who do not. I am enough of a pragmatist that I can see this and am always trying to balance the situation.

After the next issue, #884, in the UK the rate for a 10 issue UK subscription will increase from £30.00 to £40.00. For those Overseas I have to work that out.

If you can please donate. The button works in x £10.00 units.

Some very interesting articles coming next issue...


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3 комментария

23 мая 2023 г.

Excellent post Mr. Editor. Thank you!


23 мая 2023 г.

We know who we were, and shall become again. Thanks Colin Todd.

23 мая 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

And a good day to you Mr. Beattie!

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