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Candour #884 & More News

A long time with no news from us I know. Never think that means nothing is happening with Candour or the AK Chesterton Trust.

16 page issue on the way out Worldwide this week. +2 page Extra! &a Londonistan demographic chart to show how real The Great Replacement is.

It had to happen.

I have now raised the subscription rates for Candour for the first time since 2017. ... it had to happen...

Looking back through the files I find that since we last raised the subs in 2017 the Royal Mail have raised the cost of stamps at least SIX TIMES.

Our subscription numbers are growing steadily, against all publishing trends. Help us spread the word and keep that going.

Try That in a Small Town

The song is about what would happen if antifa or BLM tried their antics in a real American small town. Google the Try That in a Small Town Official video (the enemy have now put out perverted versions of the video that show a contrary message to the lyrics!) Find the version with the White farmer at the end.

A great song by US Country and Western singer Jason Aldean. The proverbial really hit the fan when the video was released with some hysterical 'whites' and racially mixed liberals claiming that it was intended to incite "lynchings" and general hate. That has proved to be a massive self inflicted injury. The most interesting reactions I have seen have all been on black reaction blogs. All 100% for Aldean! "Try that **** in the hood and see how far you get!" Also, because I would never in the ordinary way look at their websites, I was very pleasantly impressed by how aware young blacks are that antifa/BLM are Red Sea Pedestrian instruments and they DO NOT BUY INTO IT! Good news. Spread the word.

Try that in a small town

See how far you make it down the road

Around here, we take care of our own

Your cross that line, it won't take long

For you to find out, I recommend you don't

Try that in a small town

Amen to to that.

I can only trust that you are all well. You are not alone my friends.


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Jul 27, 2023

Thanks for this issue Brother. I hope to see you soon where we met last year, I shall be the one wearing the rebel cap. 🙂


Jul 27, 2023

CANDOUR KEEPS US GLUED TOGETHER as we liberate our peoples.


Mallificus Sentius
Mallificus Sentius
Jul 27, 2023

The world 'IS' waking up but we still have to be mindful of who may try and head the cavalry charge. Long live Candour !!


Jul 26, 2023

Thank you Colin for Candour #884! Stephen Smith's article on the National Front ought to be a good one. Looking forward to it!

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