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Bravo to the above sentiment and I wish all Candour folk and genuine racial nationalists a happy and prosperous New Year as we head into 2023. Let us all be everything 'they' don't want us to be!

Hopefully most if not all subscribers will have received their copies of the latest Candour issue, #882, by now and if not will very soon. (Please let me know how many additional copies you may personally require asap.)

With reference to the NEW BANNER designs featured in the latest EXTRA! one of the three is already paid for with a donation of £25.00. I am (thinking aloud) now considering upgrading the idea to vertical banners with their own stands. A smarter and, of course, more expensive proposition so anything you can donate towards the banners will go to that. More on this in the next Candour and future blogs. I will use this blog asset much more in 2023.

Moving on. Our book prices will be increasing from the 7th of January. Our printers have raised their costs to us a couple of times since our last price increase. Order now via post or PayPal at our shop to beat the rise.

Candour subscription rates will stay as they are for as long as I can bear it. ie. probably until the next hike in costs by the Royal Mail. A very good reason to subscribe or even resubscribe right now.

Please view earlier posts or look elsewhere on the website for details about ordering and donating. Be patient and keep trying if you do not at first succeed. The donations button works in multiples of £10.

Also as we head into another year of struggle and adventure I'll leave you with a couple of things. North West Nationalists have today added to their blogsite footage (unseen for 45 years? I have not had time to watch it yet) from or of the Lewisham National Front March on 13th August 1977. Go to

As we enter the 4oth year since the murder of Albert Mariner LET US REMEMBER ALBERT

by working harder and digging deeper. Albert Mariner gave EVERYTHING.

OUR world is no place for dilettantes.

Much will change in 2023. You can be a positive part of that.

We are growing again.

Colin Todd.

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1 Kommentar

Jack Doe
Jack Doe
02. Feb. 2023

Hey Todd, is that why you took Woodbridge's money that people donated for Jez. The 500 quid that Woodbridge stole from donations. Drunken crooks the pair of you.

Gefällt mir
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