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CANDOUR UPDATE: #881 Issue of CANDOUR Now Mailed Out Worldwide

This issue has taken what seems an age to sort out. As my wonderful predecessor as Editor, Miss Rosine de Bounevialle, was fond of telling me when I often erred, "Colin, never apologize and never explain." I will say that I have been busy and it may not always be obvious!

This issue includes as Editorial: Charles III is a Real Menace warning of the use that next year's Coronation will be put to by the International enemies of ALL true Britons. (Much more on that to come).

As for the rest of the journal I recommend you subscribe now if you do not already do so. (I am holding the costs until the New Year).

September 25th your Editor traveled to Preston, Lancashire, and ran a Candour and AK Chesterton Trust stall at the first John Tyndall (bear with me here), Colin Jordan, and since his death, Richard Edmonds Memorial Meeting held for 5 years. A very good meeting, decent attendance of 70+ (lovely buffet) and fine racial nationalist atmosphere. I salute Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushdon of Heritage & Destiny for the considerable effort I know was involved. (For more details visit their website via our Links page). Report and photos in next Candour issue.

Power Cut Threats: All part of the ever increasing indoctrination of Fear. Climate Change, Covid Plandemic (more lockdowns this Christmas anyone?), Ukraine War, Eat or Heat. All based on complete and utter lies.

Our ruling classes are out to teach us how to live smaller, ruder, meaner, shrunken lives in perpetuity and with no let up...

Think on: Torches, batteries, candles, nightlites, lighters, bottled water, tins of food, loo paper. Basics. Stock up now.

Survival is not rocket science. Remember: Any idiot can be uncomfortable.

Thank you all for your continued support and remember that 2023 will be Candour's 70th year of resistance! Remember us in your Christmas Box.

Colin Todd.

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1 Comment

Oct 10, 2022

The hard work of Candour staff is most respected.

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