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Good News. Back Home: AK Chesterton's Portrait

Happy Days and a New Project

Last weekend I was reunited with this painting of AK Chesterton.

For many years it had pride of place in the study of Miss Rosine de Bounevialle at Forest House in Hampshire. There it hung for decades in a room with an open wood fire and since the theft and destruction of that lady's legacy to British racial nationalism it has spent time in a very damp caravan and a shed.

Painted by Richard Walker (Kingston School of Art), who was commissioned when only 19 for the work, it shows AK Chesterton in his modest Croydon flat which he shared with his wife Doris, in the last few months of his life. It is signed and dated by Walker as 1973. AK died 16th August 1973 a month after he was found to have cancer of the pancreas. (AK was cremated).

In a blog to follow this one I shall show a photograph of the painting as it appeared in 1973! I am in contact with an old acquaintance who has a Queens Warrant when it comes to 'arty' things and we are going to get the picture restored fully and reframed.

Go to the best for the best job!

When fully restored the portrait will have pride of place in the new Candour office which is now fully carpeted and taking shape. (Photos will follow...)

Donations to help with this important project of preserving and rejuvenating not only AK's portrait but the memory of the most important racial nationalist in Britain since 1945 can be sent to us via PayPal on the Store page of this website.

Else by cheque or Postal Order payable to Colin Todd only (or cash wrapped in tin foil and sent in a secure envelope preferably recorded or registered) and mailed to us at:


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