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Happy Christmas from Candour

A Merry Christmas or Yuletide to all Candour subscribers, present and future, and genuine racial nationalists everywhere.

A special thank you to those who remembered us in their Christmas list.

Most of the latest issue, #882, are in the mail, some have even been received.

I am losing track of who is on strike and on which days at present. Trains, postal workers, nurses, doctors (I thought most of them had been on strike for the past 2 years anyway), etc.

I do know that those of us who are truly serious folks keep on going no matter the distractions or problems placed in our path.

We have seen so many people come and go.

Let us all remember Rosine de Bounevialle at this moment. I found her dead on Christmas Day 1999. That lady lived her life for our cause and her legacy was stolen. Remember Albert Mariner. Ian Stuart... all those we have known. They live in us.

2023 will be a year of many anniversaries. It is also going to be a well remembered year of struggle.

I am very proud to know you and call you comrade if you are mine.

Colin Todd.


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