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Hidden Government. UK Only. Special Offer.

A comrade has sent us at his own expense 10 paperback copies of the Authorised Fifth Edition of Hidden Government by Lieut. Colonel J. Creagh Scott D.S.O., O.B.E. to be sold by us in the UK to spread the message and to keep on raising funds.

That is 10 copies at only £10 each.

No fuss with extra Post & Packing.

A simple £10.00 note in the post to me at BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. or transfer to the AK Chesterton Trust via our PayPal account on this site.

#880 of Candour is in the works as is a reprint, the first since 1961, of AK's Learned Elders and the B.B.C. It will include extras.

Some new/old photos are now with me, as of last week, many I had thought long lost.

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