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More Aliens than a Star Trek Episode: The Tory 'Leadership' Contest.

Thank you to Candour contributor Tarka for the headline.

As I said in my last blog post this was going to be a real beauty contest and that it would provide racial nationalists with a ghastly form of entertainment if taken in the correct spirit. Not one of them looks normal. Mad staring eyes, forced smiles and a genetic jumble sale.

Just in case this bunch were not enough, almost sliding under the radar when it comes to Conservative Party depravity, was the following court case verdict delivered TODAY!


SPOILER ALERT! This is an image you will have to try and not have nightmares over.

Wallis, who has represented Bridgend since 2019, was found guilty of failing to stop, failing to report a road traffic collision and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position after a crash in south Wales late last year.

It comes after it emerged Wallis was wearing a "black leather mini-skirt" and "high heels" when he was involved in the 28 November crash, in which the Mercedes he was said to be driving hit a lamppost and telegraph pole on Church Road in Llandlethian, South Wales.

Wallis claims he crashed after swerving to avoid hitting a cat and left the scene out of fear he would be "raped, killed or kidnapped" due to post traumatic stress disorder which he developed after being raped in September.

You did read the above correctly. Google Jamie Wallis MP for more if you have the stomach.

My next Blog report will be soon and more positive unless the Tories manage to shoot themselves in both feet which is increasingly possible.

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12 de jul. de 2022

The ZOO candidates proving once again that Western Civilization will not be saved by voting.

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