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Rights for Whites! Honour Roll for our next book grows

To join in and assist with our work in researching, preparing, publishing and launching our new book, Steve Smith's East London Rights for Whites 1990-94. You too can send £40.00 and join the Honour Roll.

Our book's deadline is early summer this year. September 2023 will mark the 30th anniversary of Derek Beackon's world headline making election in September of 1993 as the then BNP's first ever councillor.

The Honour Roll already includes the following racial nationalists.

B. D. London

John Ings, Plymouth, Devon

Rob Black, Notts

A. Ryan, Ireland

G. Stridiron, Gateshead

Bill Baillie, London

Dave Armstrong, Oklahoma, USA

Gerard V. France

Marie-Isabelle, France

J. Mitchell, Cornwall

Alex Merola, London

Alan Bade, Essex

Yuri Vasil, USA

There are others but the above are top examples. No dilettantes there.

That Candour in it's 70th year is something to be marked but not make a noise about. It is the work we continue to do that matters. We write our history our way. We will be remembered OUR way. The Liberal Marxist 'educationalists' really hate that! (Some of the 'teachers' in the UK have gone on strike recently I hear. Good. Stay out. Leave the children alone).

Fight back. Join our Honour Roll!

You can send your contribution of £40.00, or more, to us via PayPal at our website:

Make cheques or Postal Orders in the UK payable to Colin Todd and post to:

BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

If sending cash in the UK please use recorded delivery. Overseas. Email me at and we can work it out.

Better still subscribe to Candour and we will keep you up to date.

Colin Todd

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1 comentário

Jack Doe
Jack Doe
04 de fev. de 2023

13 mugs so far who've handed over 40 quid to me just for wanting to see their name in lights, that's 520 quid to spend on booze and there's always Woodbridge's Link to give me more if if I get banged up for another drunken brawl.

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