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SEE OUR POWER! Dance to OUR Tune... Update #7

Within a day of the Hamas assault, 7 October, on the Zionist entity many of the world's most recognisable landmarks were lit either with the Zionist flag or colours. In London, the Star of David flag was projected onto 10 Downing Street (see above). In Berlin the Brandenberg Gate. Paris the Eiffel Tower. In Australia the Sydney Opera House. You get the idea. All ostensibly as shows of support for the eternal victims. In fact I would suggest done as a not so subtle show of POWER and CONTROL.

Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative has a prescient video and text article on their website titled The Zionist Plot to Take Away Our Freedoms.

I quote "Yet curiously, despite Zionists supporting mass immigration and multicultralism, they are now trying to stir up racial sentiment amongst conservative whites in order to achieve their aims. But beware; if new laws are passed, those laws will end up stripping every one of their rights - including those who speak out against demographic change. Don't be fooled into campaigning for your own rights to be taken away!"

Look at the Zionist orchestrated MSM campaigns underway at this VERY moment equating the pro-Palestinian mass marches in London with mass immigration. Mass immigration created by the Zionists who also at this VERY moment are creating the next mass wave of stateless and desperate Palestinians! The true inheritors and owners of Palestine. Disappointingly, and a massive indictment of the total lack of racial nationalist education since the 1980's, some nationalists have fallen for the Zionist patter. I would expect it from an ideological vacuum such as Britain (Israel) First but better from others. (Efforts such as that anti-Palestinian image shown above only play directly into the hands of the Zionist narrative.)

What a result for the Zionists, their media lackeys, and political puppets if they get two sets of their of their victims having a punch up in the center of London at the Cenotaph!

The whole setup for tomorrow and next weekend in London, Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday, has the stench of agent provocateurism and False Flag about it.

Next Update Soon

New issue of Candour taking shape.

Great news about cameras!

Best Regards,

Colin Todd.

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Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie
Nov 04, 2023

The totally pro-Israel stance of the mass media shows who pulls the strings, and illustrates the meaninglessness of the slogan, "getting our country back." In or out of the EU we are a satellite of the USA, which is ruled by the Money Power.


Mallificus Sentius
Mallificus Sentius
Nov 04, 2023

Absolutely bang on point Colin !! All the best :)

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