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I have mentioned this film, Sewers of Gold, at least twice in Candour over the years. Yes, it is an old favourite of mine and now a very clear version is viewable on a new favourite of mine. Talking Pictures TV. (More on them in the next issue #885).

Released in 1979 Sewers of Gold (known by various other titles including The Great Riviera Bank Robbery and Dirty Money) is based on the true story of a successful bank robbery in 1976 organised by Albert Spaggiari, former French paratrooper and member of the patriotic French OAS movement. He and his comrades broke into the vault of the Societe Generale bank from below using the sewer system for access.

Made on a low budget on location in France and with a cast of British actors some of whom would go on to become very big 'names. Photo above: L-R. Christopher Malcolm, Ian McShane (Lovejoy and Hollywood with Deadwood among others), and the late Warren Clarke (Clockwork Orange and later Dalziel & Pascoe).

You can find this all out and much more for yourselves.

In the UK you can watch Talking Pictures TV on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 82, or on the Sky digital satellite platform, channel 328.

I have no idea about these things Overseas but hopefully some of you will enlighten me.

Online try tptv encore.

I hope you enjoy the film from the beginning when you realise that the theme tune is a gentle version of the Horst Wessel Lied and it recurs throughout the film...

We are allowed to enjoy the struggle and this film is fun! Reviews please.

Back to Reality:

Postal rates were massively hiked again today for the third time in just 18 months.

In the UK that adds 40p to every subscription copy sent out from now = £1.55.

Please note: Subscription rates in the UK are now £40.00 for 10 issues and have been since before the last issue. #884. Please renew early using the Website shop. Early renewals = money toward projects.


Recent photographs taken for Candour, the AK Chesterton Trust and our website have been disappointing. I have never had a 'smart' phone so am shopping for a decent digital camera (or preferably two so that we can cover more events). Target £100.

Note that the donations button in the website shop works in multiples of x £10.


WHITE REVOLT! An American National Socialist History

by Leon Dilios

A supporter has 2 copies available of a recent rare import from the USA.

First come first served. UK only.

This is about Chicago in the 1970's and the National Socialist Party of America led by the extremely controversial Frank Collin.

The NSPA operating from Rockwell Hall, in one of the last remaining white enclaves of the city, certainly generated acres of newspaper print and a lot of TV time.

Illustrated. 325 pages. Softback.

£25.00 including Post & Packing UK only.

Pay via PayPal. See website.

We are always building Team Candour. Get involved...


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