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Update #2

Thank you to the response to the last, indeed the first, of what I intend to be more regular blog comments and news items.

Right: As requested by several of you this is the second of the proposed new 7' tall free standing banners (They each come rolled into their own neat base for ease of transport and setting up at meetings). Also designed by Mallificus Scott (see previous blog) whose regular radio shows can be heard by clicking on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock button on our Links page elsewhere on our website.

Support those who support us!

Total raised toward the banners is now £55.00 via PayPal (£20 from USA and £10 B.D. UK after last blog. Donations button at our Online Shop page. It works in x £10). £45.00 still needed to complete this small project for the Heritage & Destiny Preston meeting on 9th September and for Candour stalls at future racial nationalist meetings.

Meet some real people.

Latest Self Loathing Whites in the News

The Gladstone family of former four time Victorian British PM apologise for links to slavery and are in the Caribbean this weekend to say so and pay over £100,000 to help fund the University of Guyana's International Institute for Migration and Diaspora Studies. Very nice. (They have no problems raising funds). Guyana being the sort of place that only very rich whites like themselves can now afford to visit. This nonsense and a bucket load more is all over the internet if you seek it out.

This reminded me of the stomach churning activities of self-hater David Pott and his Lifetime Expedition set up back in the late 1990's. Visit their website too if you can take it. They have met with a 'mixed-reception' on their travels. A lot of hostility from blacks in particular who do not welcome being patronised by liberal whites!

Support Candour in our 7oth year. 1953 - 2023!

Which leads me into taking the opportunity to thank all of those of you who responded to #884. Thank You. Colin.

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Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie
Aug 27, 2023

'Candour' has always been hard up. In 1962, in an effort to raise funds, I was arrested in Croydon town centre for selling copies of the 'Candour Interim Report'. An enthusiastic young copper marched me and my friend Paul Barnes down to Croydon police station to be charged with wearing political uniforms. This consisted of a union jack armbands. Fortunately, the Station Sergeant dismissed us and the embarrassed constable had to let us go. I can't remember how much money we collected but by the time we took out our fares and lunch there wasn't much left.

Mallificus Sentius
Mallificus Sentius
Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

What an anecdote !

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