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Candour News Update #9: Issue #885 Mailed Worldwide & More News

It has been a while since my last update. I had some technical hitches in the middle of the mail out of this issue but hopefully all of our growing band of subscribers have received your copies. ( Any problems please email me at

Contents of this issue include:

The British State's Casual Treason by Stephen Smith

Zionist Plot to Take Away Our Freedoms by Mark Collett of Pariotic Alternative

Reports on two racial nationalist meetings held in September 2023

The Talking Pictures TV Phenomenom

Letters to the Editor

Some of you reading this will have received subscription reminders and may have had a problem trying to pay the new sub rate since last year of £40.00 for 10 issues via our PayPal. There is a problem with a button on the website which we will hopefully sort out soon. In the meanwhile if having a problem you will find at our Online Shop feature the Donations button which works in x £10.00's multiples.

Also all payments can be sent that way for, naturally donations, and this special offer which is proving very successful. UK only. (Overseas: email me at

Send a £10.00 donation and I will send you copies of two recent US publications.

The Free Magnolia newspaper. The Voice of Southern Life and Culture. Published by

Knights Party Crusader magazine.


a copy of our new reprint of LET BRITAIN LIVE! The Manifesto of the National Front

from 1983. That year the NF stood 60 candidates.

In the opinion of some of us this document, largely written by Andrew Brons must reach a much larger audience again. Of course it has dated in places but the core is RADICAL! Something desperately needed in a movement where ideological thought and education basically stopped with the worst split of all in 1986. (Perhaps you think that statement is debatable and if so please debate in the pages of Candour).

I believe that getting such publications back into circulation is of the greatest importance. Especially as people are misled into groups such as the ideological vacuum and shyster operation that is Britain (Israel) First. The 'civics'. People posing as British nationalists who pretend that race is not an issue, just the Muslims, and are pro-Israel. Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels.

The booklet is a top quality reprint from an original. 36 Pages. A5 stiff card cover.

To keep cash circulating you could also send a tenner (£10.00 note) for all three publications to our postal address at BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

Almost finally, a very belated Happy New Year to those I have not spoken to yet this year or have never met.

Finally, and I will I am sure be repeating this for evermore for those niavetes, always with us, who believe that all we need is "nationalist unity" to bring success I again repeat the wise words, from 1971, of our founder AK Chesterton MC.

"...eighty percent of the movement's members are first class, honest to God, British patriots. Ten percent are drifters who will go with the tide, five percent place personal ambition above all else, three percent are totally unable to distinguish between good and bad faith, two percent are really evil men..."

Colin Todd.

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Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie

With ever increasing printing and postal charges it is almost impossible to publish a hard copy magazine without advertising revenue. Colin Todd is doing a great job and he deserves to be supported. The grip of the mainstream media must be broken.



Such hard work by Colin and Crew is most appreciated.

Am ashamed for not having a more regular timing somewhat, for steady continuation of Dinosaur News /British Peoples League / John Beattie YouTube Videos.......I shall return !

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