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POSITIVE THINKING Candour News Update #11

Updated: Apr 1

On Friday, 15th March I was pleased to be part of a full house at Dingwall's in Camden Town, London, for a show by the cartoonist Bob Moran. (You will have seen some of his work in Candour before. For example front and back pages of #883). His cartoons certainly hit a nerve with me. Review in next issue #886. For more about Bob Moran his cartoons and story please visit Report in next issue.

I had long intended to make a pilgrimage to Highgate Cemetery. One of those 'put off, maybe never' jobs we all have in mind and I was gently talked into it the day after the Bob Moran show. Warning: It can be a strenuous uphill walk. £10.00 entry includes a good A5 guide booklet. Always wear good boots or very stout shoes. The ground can be uneven.

There are two sides to what was originally a private business burial ground. Opposite each other. East and West. The side to head for is the West. The hideous edifice to the alien idol Karl Marx is on the East side.

Above: Colin Todd in Highgate Cemetery at his destination. The monument of Thomas Sayers (1826-65). An English sporting hero who excelled at bare knuckle prize fighting. His funeral was the largest the cemetery has seen. The statue is of Lion. (Sayers' giant English Mastiff and constant companion). More in # 886. Subscribe now...

POSITIVE THINKING above all. Not always easy I know. Another blog will follow this soon with more news. Have a good Easter weekend and know that Candour folk are always with you.

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