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Taking Aim At The B.B.C.

"The B.B.C. defames our past, poisons our present and places our future at desperate hazard. No nation can survive which is conditioned by a vast fifth-column serving forces which have a vested interested in its obliteration as a sovereign, independent Realm."

A.K. Chesterton

As we know, but many such as the spiv Farage would never acknowledge, Brexit owed much to the legacy of A.K. Chesterton. So it shall be with the downfall of the liberal marxists of the anti-British Broadcasting Corporation.

The pictured booklet is Softcover £6.00 and available from our ONLINE STORE here.

I am also preparing a reprint of A.K.'s Learned Elders and the B.B.C. last printed in 1961. Truth does not age. To the original text I shall be adding a couple of pages of very usable quotes about the Blatant Bias Corporation. Perfect for letters to your local press. An aging readership I know but much more informed and aware of events than the screen glued zombies. Get writing to your local press. It is excellent political training and not to be scorned. I shall be talking much more about political education and strategy in the future. More news when I get closer to completion.

Part 4 of Rights for Whites titled Lost When Won But Proves It Can Be Done! by Steve Smith is now in hand and will fit into the next issue. Yes, another 16 pager. This costs me more than the subs cover and puts us up a postal notch. (Postage is going up soon too!)

Donations always needed. I want to see new names in that respect and not the usual comrades who do not need asking.

If you are thinking about subscribing or renewing ahead of time don't hesitate it NOW!

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1 Comment

Bill Baillie
Bill Baillie
Mar 26, 2022

It's time to scrap the BBC which is institutionally anti-British and a total waste of money. It is so rotten that it cannot be saved. Everyone connected with the BBC including the Director General should be sacked. If we must have a government broadcaster let it be paid for by advertising instead of a TV license. Quality TV can still be made by independent companies and shown on the commerical channels.

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