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We Britons Can Still Slay Dragons

A good and strong St. George's Day to all subscribers, readers and friends of Candour

Since April 23rd last, for me the time has flown, we have published 5 issues and the latest issue is almost complete.

#880 is another 16 pager + 2 page Extra!

Part 4 of East London Rights for Whites 1990-94 and more!

This is much more than the subscription rates cover and Postal costs rose again at the start of April. I have however decided NOT to increase subscription rates for the rest of 2022.

This is so we can continue to GROW as we have for the past year.

Candour is not a business and survives for that very reason. If we were we should never have made it past year one. 2023 will be our 70th Anniversary.

I urge those who read this as visitors to this website or who are on our email list but who are not as yet subscribers to Candour to become so NOW!

Full Candour subscription details are available on the website (see below). As are ways to donate. At present we are short of general stationary supplies and printer inks. Subscribe, donate, buy a book or do all of those! Do it today. St, George's Day!

Rwanda... It will never happen and is not meant to. The Tory nonsense about sending illegal immigrants to Central Africa is just that. Such an announcement before the local elections in May is par for the course and aimed at the diesofts and low IQs who really need to believe it. Look at the Conservative government. Boris is a genetic jumblesale. Priti Patel Home Secretary, Chancellor Rishi Sunak. There is no point in dwelling on this now. Be positive.

If I can come back from two years in prison as strong as I am, and getting stronger, you must be able to believe too.

As you and I know there is a war on. Not the one they are attempting to distract us with but the REAL one. OURS!

I Salute You...

On this special English day I salute you. Above all be proud of yourself.


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